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Our last meeting!

Dear Photocats,

This week, will be our last meeting! We thought we’d finish with a meeting that involved being outside, so we could enjoy the spring weather and most of all, flowers! We will be practicing some Macro photography again, but this time with flowers and water droplets. The meeting will be on Thursday the 7th of May in The Botanical Gardens at 6:15pm (meet by the greenhouse). (Meetings will be free for members (remember to bring your membership keyring along!) and non-members will have to pay £2. You will NOT be able to buy membership at this meeting). If the weather seems bad on Thursday and it looks like it won’t be dry, watch out for an email from me, in case we reschedule the meeting to The Arts Tower and decide to play with shop bought flowers instead. We are not having a tutorial beforehand, like we usually do, because we did a meeting on Macro last semester. So below are some tutorial pages and examples in case you want a reminder or some ideas of what to do in the meeting:
Also try a Google Image search for Macro flower water droplet photography (or words to that effect) for inspiration.

You need to bring a camera, a flash (if you have one, but it isn’t essential), a macro lens (again, not essential), a tripod (once again, not essential) and a syringe/pipette/spray or squirty bottle full of sugar water (the sugar helps the water adhere to the flowers).

Next week we won’t be having a meeting on Thursday because The end of year meal/Handover social is on the Saturday! We will be having a meal at Efe’s on West street at 7pm then having a few drinks and heading to pop tarts. Here is the event page, we are limited on numbers so please click attending and post your meal choice asap to secure your place at the meal. If you would rather not come to the meal but meet us later that is fine, or alternatively if you would just come to the meal that’s fine.


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  1. Cutee says:

    Oh yes those are organized piles! Are you so proud of me? I shuold have photographed all 458 pictures spread around my office last night. Looking forward to catching up some tomorrow.

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