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No Thursday meeting. Five Weirs walk on Sunday

Dear Photocats,

Firstly, to everyone who submitted photos for the exhibition, they are available for collection at the meeting on the 19th of March. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the meeting, they will be kept safe in the darkroom until you can pick them up.

This week we won’t be having a meeting on Thursday (12th), but we will be going on the five weirs walk of Sheffield on Sunday the 15th of March. We are meeting at the Union at 10am, go on an interesting 5 mile walk of a part of Sheffield many of you may not have seen,  from lady bridge along the River Don and ending up in Meadowhall by 2pm at the latest. There we will grab some lunch (or you can leave) and then get the train/tram/bus/walk back. Most of us will be getting the train, but you can travel home however you prefer.  THIS is info about the walk. HERE are some photos taken along the way. These are maps of the walk we will be taking: and

If you come on the walk you might take some photos to enter in this:
“Here’s your chance to make your voice heard and your opinion count. We’re [OurSheffield] looking for students to help create a visual record of Sheffield through art and photography. We want to build up a picture of what the city is really like by collecting contributions from you, the people that live here!”

1. Submissions can be an illustration or a photograph.
2. It should be personal to you. That could mean a drawing of your childhood house or a photo of the Sheffield incinerator. It can be political if you want it to, so long as it has meaning TO YOU.
3. The photo or illustration needs to be of Sheffield.
4. Each submission should be at least A4 size so that it looks amazing in an A4 landscape Photo-book (it might be a bit smaller).
5. You must include your name and one sentence about the reason or meaning behind the piece of work.
6. The photo/illustration must have been made in 2014 or 2015.

We will collect together all of the submissions, choose the best and compile them into a beautiful Photo-book. If your work is featured, you will be credited in the book. This will go on sale in Sheffield and all profits will be donated to the Cathedral Archers project – your artwork will improve the state of Sheffield.
This is your chance to make a real difference AND get your work featured in a book alongside some other cool people.
For more information about the project see: or
Submissions should be emailed to:

Finally, exciting news… Our AGM will be the 23rd of April (tbc). So, to help all you keen potential new committee members* we are opening up our committee meetings. You can come along and learn how we organise meetings and socials and how a committee works. We don’t just talk about cats. Lots of important stuff goes on too, with only the occasional ‘meow’.
So if you are interested in becoming a committee member, our next committee meeting is Monday the 16th at 5pm in the Gallery of the Students Union.
I know this seems very eager, but this is the second to last committee meetings before the AGM…. so make the most of it!
More information on position roles will follow in next weeks email, but these are our committee positions:
Social Sec
Inclusions/Tea and cake officer
Web master
Darkroom officer
Jobs officer
Equipment officer
Publicity officer

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday and in our committee meetings!
Photo Love,

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