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November Jobs Opportunity!

Hi Photolovers,

Hope you are all doing well :) I’m here for jobs, as usual.

There are 6 in total at the moment, but i’m sure there are more to come as Christmas is approaching so societies are going to have their Christmas meals!

As I said on the Facebook group, many of the jobs are getting more than one applicants so there may be competition but still – if you are good, why miss the chance to enrich your portfolio while having fun? Plus we don’t want to miss any good photographers. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested!


Here are the jobs:

111. One World Event
Time: 22nd November 4:30pm-7:30pm
Location: Coffee Revolution SU

Details: The event is part of World Week, which includes a variety of activities such as Storytelling, Quizzes, Food Tasting, etc. The organizer is offering ?20 payment plus full credit and they are asking the photographer to take photobooth pictures (in front of a backdrop) as well as that of the event.

Event page:

112. International Language Festival
Time: 15th November 14:00-17:00
Location: Various, SU Building

Details: This week over 30 different languages from across the globe will be taught including a wide selection of European languages, African languages, Chinese dialects, English dialects and special languages and codes such as Sign Language of Braille. Photoshooting of 3 hours is needed, which will be paid by ?30 and free entry!!

For more information:

(Check out the channel’s videos for more information on the events going on)

113. Sheffield?s Got Talent
Time: 17th November 19:00-22:00
Location: Interval Caf?

Details: ISC (International Students? Committee) is looking for hiding talented bunch of the university with any talents worth showing off! It is going to an evening full of good spirit where entertainment of both participants and spectators are guaranteed xD The organizer is offering ?30 for the shooting and free entry of the event!

For more information:

114. OCTAVE 2014: Battle of the Bands (Live music)
Time: 21st November 18:00-21:30
Location: Foundry (at the basement of SU)

Details: The ISC is presenting Octave 2014 ? Battle of the Bands competition, where societies will compete against each other in a live band competition! The 3-hour event is paying the photographer ?30 plus free entry. ?Promises foot tapping and head bobbing tunes all evening. Be sure to put on your ROCK gear!?

For more information:

(Check out the channel’s videos for more information on the events going on)

115. PhilSoc Christmas Ball
Time: 8th December 8:00-11:00pm
Location: Sky Bar (at Vodka Revolution)

Details: It’s a formal event with a sit-down meal (like what usually Christmas meal looks like). The organizer basically wants a photographer to take photos of everyone looking dressed up. If he/she could take some photos of people at the start against a back-drop, and come around the tables between meal courses, that would be great! The payment is ?10 per hour so in total ?30!

116. Korfball & Fencing Sport Photography
Time: 21st November 8pm-8:30pm (Korfball) 9:30pm-10pm (Fencing)
Location: Goodwin Sports Hall (Korfball) Activity Room 1 (Fencing)

Details: Sport Sheffield does a charity naked calendar every year to raise money for their adopted charity. As a part of the event, two coming games are – Korfball, something using the korfs and balls to cover the vital areas and Fencing, a sport where the men will be lunging in a V shape (swords covering their delicates), with the women arranged artistically in the middle; helmets and gloves doing the job of concealing what’s left! It won?t take long as only single shots are needed, if you?re interested in sport photography and want notch skills, contact us! The club might organize a prize for the person who takes the winning (front cover) photo!


When you are applying for jobs, please let me know if you’re a paid member by showing me your keyring so I make sure you are always prioritized ;) After that, be prepared for a portfolio or any links to your photos about your relevant experiences, based on which we’ll be able to estimate if you are the most suitable one for the job.

Alright that’s all for the moment, it’s getting cold in Sheffield, keep yourself warm ;)

Always at your service for jobs,

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