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Hi Photolovers,

We are now providing two job opportunities for you to apply (paid members prioritized). If you are interested or have any questions about it, contact Dia Wang on Facebook (

1. Open Mic Night with Open Space
Time: 22nd Oct 7pm-10pm
Location: The Hop, Fiztwilliam Street

Details: Platform Performance is organizing events to raise money for Cavendish Cancer Care. The first coming event is an Open Mic night in collaboration with Open Space. There will be 2 showcases of their performers and an Open Mic for people who have signed up on-line. Essentially, it’s a very chilled evening at The Hop on Fitzwilliam St! They would prefer it if the photographer could stay for the whole night so as to get everyone performing on camera (as well as shots of the crowd) but can work around it if they need to leave earlier. As it is a charity organization, the job will be voluntary but they are able to offer free entry to the event and it would be a great opportunity to acquire certain charity related experience.

2. Sexpression Annual Training Conference
Time: 25th Oct 9am ? 5pm
26th Oct 10am ? 3pm
Location: Medical School (Beech Hill Road, S10 2 Sheffield)

Details: It will be an exciting weekend of talks and workshops on current topical issues surrounding sexual health and pictures are needed for the sponsors. So the event is looking for a photographer, whose payment will be a meal at Wetherspoons and a Pop Tarts ticket for the social that night (and the training itself xD).


We are always posting information on Facebook group, especially the job opportunities and they are usually very popular so you need to be quick (and good of course) to get them. Keep an eye ;)

Always at your service for jobs,
Dia ??

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  1. Panji says:

    Hey!Let me know if the buyer who has these on hold backs out as I’m deffinatley iestrnteed in buying these!!Thankyou! =) x[]admin Reply:November 7th, 2009 at 1:05 pmThey are still on hole, but I’ve contacted the enquirer and if she doesn’t get back to me within the end of the week I’ll have to withdraw the hold. So I’ll let you know at the end of the week![]

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