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First Meeting of 2014

Hello All,

I hope everyones exams went well, and now that the semester has started again it is my pleasure to announce that… the first meeting of 2014 is finally here! It will be at our usual time and place (Arts Tower LT6, 7:15 till 9 followed by a quiet visit to the Dam House afterwards) and this weeks topic is food photography. We will talk about various different types of food photography (stock/advertising then more creative types, i’ll try and keep the Instagram to a minimum) then will play with our food (pun intended) trying to achieve shots like this. Please bring some fruit if you want to try this, or any other type of food if you want to try something different.

Next, the committee have met and have a rough idea of some important dates for the next semester. I will post the full list in the group next monday when we finalise some meeting ideas, but the important date to put in your diaries at the minute is the residential trip to Edinbrough from the 22nd of April to the 25th of April. Come talk to us for more information about it at the meeting or at the fair, again more details such as deposit and final cost will be coming shortly! There is also a  Facebook event for it, please please please click attending if you are thinking about coming so we have an idea about numbers.

Finally, if you do happen to be at the ultimate fair in the union tomorrow (wednesday) then pop along to the gallery and come say hi to our lovely committee members who will be there!




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