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Bokehhhh and The Peaks

Hello Everyone,


This thursdays meeting will be in our normal place and time, LT6 in the Arts Tower at 7:15. This week we will be looking at BOKEH, which is in capitals because it is one of my favourite things in the world! Several committee members will be bringing fairy lights to do this with, although if you do have your own it would be helpful to have more! Part of this meeting will be making filters to make the lights go into different shapes, but if you want to have a try before the meeting then here is a good tutorial. It would probably be better if you have any tricky shapes to do them beforehand as there will be more time (one member made Psy from Gangnam style last year). Bring cameras (we like cameras), tripods can be useful, card, tape and scissors will also be required!

This Saturday we will be going to the lovely Peak District. The plan is to meet at Hunters Bar roundabout (by Endcliffe Park) at 11:45, for the 11:59 bus (It leaves from the interchange at 1145 if its easier for anyone to go there). The bus we are getting is the 272, and should cost 80p to get to Fox House. Once there we willl go for a wander around either burbage brook/suprise view or Higger tor, then have a gentle walk back to the pub during golden hour. We will then get a bus back after its all done, which come every hour at half past the hour until 7:30 (But we shouldnt be out that late…).

Last but not least, we are in the process of organising a trip to London on the 23rd of November, to take part in the National University Photographic Society’s Photohunt. This is a massive event where you get to take photos with people from loads of Uni’s accross the country, meeting many people and seeing Englands capital city! If you want to come along then our Facebook event is here and the main one is here, and we will keep you posted about tickets.







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