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Hello Everyone,

I have a couple of volunteer jobs for people within the next week :)

Closest is at the RaG Arts Tower Abseil this Sunday – I have been talking with some of the organisers and they would like 2 photographers to be inside the Arts tower, towards the top of the building to take photos of people as they go past. There may also be the chance to get on the roof at some point! If interested, please fill out the form at the end of this email. I will respond to all aplicants for this by 10pm on Sat.

The next one is on wednesday at 2pm. This will involve taking stock photos for the Our Sheffield shop, which will then be displayed on thier website and possibly in other union adverts. I am trying to negotiate some pay for this job, but no guarantees there – if you are interested, please fill out the form below:

I will try to respond to applicants for this job by tuesday midday.



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