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Hello All,

Its almost summer! I hope all of your exams have gone/are going/will go well, and that this nice weather sticks around for everyone’s holidays. A few photosoccy things before everyone disappears:

There is a meal this friday at Tropeiro (In leopold square) at 2:30. For more inforamtion, the facebook event is here .

We will still be allowing equipment and darkroom use over the summer, however the union wil only be open 9 till 6. I will update the darkroom bookings page next week to reflect that so please continue to use that,  but for equipment please email or text me (Tom) on 07814032538 to arrange pickup and dropoffs.

In other exciting news a few people will still be in Sheffield over the summer, so we would like to arrnage some trips and meetups to continue the photosocyness (See the Oxford English Dictionary, page 7010 for more details on this word). I plan on going out overnight to edale for star trails and general night photos, Kit would like to visit the yorkshire sculpture park and Chatsworth was mentioned as well. So get in touch if you want to do any of these things, or suggest others!

Also, if you do go away please post photos in the group, or in the flickr pool as I am working for most of the summer so would like to see some nice places…



To summarise: Meal friday, darkroom bookings as normal but the times are changing, for equipment email us or text me, post in the group if you want to meet up in Sheffield, and finally post photos of nice places in the the group.



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