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[PhotoSoc] An Exciting Opportunity: Oxfam Land Grabs Campaign

[Opportunity] Oxfam Land Grabs

Dear Fellow PhotoSoc Members,

Oxfam sent us this email regarding their need for photograghers in future events.

Please take a look at the enclosed email by Oxafam President for further information.

If you would like to get involved in their campaign or build up your own portfolio, you can meet them on the 8th of May at 6pm in Meeting room 3 in the Octagon to find out more.


“I am writing to you to describe an exciting opportunity to take some thought provoking and powerful photos.

We need photographers to take photos of our up coming Oxfam event. This is an fantastic opportunity to take some great images, whilst helping people across the world. It also promises to be great fun!

In the coming weeks we are looking to put on an event in support of Oxfam’s land grabs campaign. The proposed idea is to record a short film where we ‘sell’ parts of Sheffield (Including Nick Clegg’s office) in a fake auction. We are then  going to spread the video as much as possible, similar videos have collected almost 2,000 views on Youtube. This is intended to encourage to Nick Clegg to support our Land Grabs proposal at the G8 summit next month.

Land Grabs are when governments, banks or private investors buy up huge plots of land to make equally huge profits. Residents of the areas are told to leave and are treated very unfairly. We at Oxfam want to see fairer regulations and rules around Land Grabs to try prevent the injustices.

More information on land grabs can be found at –

Similar films to what we are hoping to recreate can be seen below:

Although we are recording a film, some great photos would be a fantastic way to help spread our message on a different medium, and I think there is potential for some very powerful photos about a key and current issue.

We have a meeting on the 8th of May at 6pm in Meeting room 3 in the Octagon where we will be discussing ideas, please come along and find out more!

Please hesitate to email me for more information or any questions. I hope this sounds of interest.

All the best,

Josh Parker
Oxfam President”

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