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Meeting this week: Tutorials on starter DLSR skills, Darkroom, Lightroom and perhaps some cats.

Hi guys,

There’s a meeting this week, this Thursday in the Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 6 at 7:15, and we’re going to be running three separate tutorials.

The first will be on Darkroom technique with advanced advice on developing film photographs and the techniques of dodging and burning.

The second will be a DLSR starter class for all beginners wanting to get to grips with the further settings (such as what the P,S,A and M modes are and how to use them ) on DSLR cameras.  If you don’t have a DSLR (or even a film SLR), don’t worry, we will have some equipment at the meeting which you can practice with.

The third tutorial will be on how to use Adobe Lightroom in processing RAW images, and how to use its different  modes and settings for different types of shots. We will also demonstrate how to use layers and layer masks in Photoshop to seamlessly edit cats and other more relevant objects into photographs. This will be a genuinely comprehensive guide on how to batch process in Lightroom and how to individually touch up in Photoshop in one, so come along, as we will teach you the powers of infinite mischief.

Looking further to next week, next Thursday (the 28th of February), we will be having a Bloo-88 meal night! (ZOMG pizza). This is where we plan to have the deadline for framed/mounted submissions for the exhibition. If you’re thinking you’ve missed the submission info, don’t panic, as I’m awaiting some exact information on how the images are going to be displayed before I announce the detailed guidelines (this affects framing and stuff y”know), so I apologise for the delay and I absolutely promise I will let you all know soon!

Photo Soc Love,


P.S Liverpool Photo Hunt on Saturday! We’re meeting for a 09:42am train at Sheffield station, so come along and SHOW LIVERPOOL HOW AWESOME AND AMAZING WE ARE :)

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