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This week’s meeting and TRIP TO CONQUER YORK.

Hello Photo Soc!

This week, in place of our usual trip down the pub we have Landscape photographer Andy Cartledge coming to give a talk on his photography and give us some top tips on how to make it as a photographer! This will be at the normal time of 7:15pm, in the Arts Tower, Lecture Theatre 6. We love the peaks and his shots are amazing, so check his photography here!

After that, (of course) we’ll go to the pub.

On Sunday this week, there’s also a trip to York’s Medieval Christmas Market, which is (annoyingly) much bigger, more photogenic and far more exciting than the one in Sheffield with the added bonus of being a fantastic place to get Christmas presents. Meet at 12:50 in the afternoon on Sunday 2nd December, at Sheffield Train Station, and we’ll return on the 8:24pm train to Sheffield.

York University Photographic Society have agreed to meet us there, so it’s EPIC PHOTO BATTLE TIME. They’ll probably show us around and try to tempt us into some sort of pub to convince us their city is better but we will resist! Their architecture is rubbish, so I’ve improved it a little).

That is all for this week you photo cats, so see you on Thursday and when we conquer YORK!
Hannah :)

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