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Reminder about the trip to the Warhol Expo tomorrow!

Just a reminder everyone, we are going to see the excellent collection of Andy Warhol’s late self portrait photos in the even more excellent FREE Graves Art Gallery tomorrow. We will be meeting outside the Students’ Union at 11:30am to walk down – please don’t be late!

If you would prefer to meet us there, we should be arriving at the gallery which is on the top floor of the central library on Surrey Street in town, about 12. If you miss us or lose us call Hannah Lillis on 07847287361 or Darthroom Officer on 07817854261

Afterwards, we will nip across to the local hostelry to sample some of their finest ales what what! Maybe go shoot some pics somewhere in town too…

Come and join us or be a loser and stay at home. The expo ends soon so don’t miss out!

All the coated glass love

Uncle Darth

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