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Hi Guys!

Were currently looking to set up a small exhibition for the alumni foundation to display the sort of work photosoc members produce to say thank you for the generous funding that they offer us. Because of this we would love it if all of you could send in a photo (just one please) that you would be happy to have displayed in firth court on Thursday, also you will be welcome to pick up your print in all it’s glory after the exhibition has finished, i.e. at the next meeting.

Unfortunately we can’t print off reams and reams of photo’s for this so we’re limiting it to the first 50 applicants that we get, with a final deadline of 4pm on monday.

Please send all entries in an attachment as a reply to this email please.

So with no time to loose, get searching for your chosen photo to send in!

Sean Taylor



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  1. Sanchez says:

    Hey Brad,I just came back to my desk and saw your tweet the image above was a nice way of putting it and that’s why we used it in Will’s post. Dang, wait till you see the next tweet snhrecseot that’s used in mine and human resource costs welcome to my life at 9pm and on weekends no joke, so I’m glad you mentioned it.Hey Tina,I liked your post the other day! I’m curious to see reaction to my own conflicted feelings coming up in the next post in roughly an hour because you mention a couple of issues here that I go into later

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