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New Committee, Our Next Meeting & Camera For Sale

Hello chaps,

Before I start, I’d like to say hello on behalf of the new committee, we’re all very excited for both the coming meetings and next year and we will be at the next PhotoSoc meeting to introduce ourselves :)
(The downside to this is that you will continue receiving emails calling you ‘chaps’)

The next meeting will be next Thursday (the 3rd of May) at 7:15pm (Lecture Theatre 9, Arts Tower) and it will be on High Speed Photography. There are quite a few options for this but bring a glass container and some fruit/vegetables/random inanimate objects of a size suitable so that you can drop them in aforementioned container. I would recommend the container to be as big as you can get one (like a big bowl or something). Hopefully it’ll look a bit like this

As we’re planning to fill the  glass containers with water then take the photos as the objects are dropped in it…so you might need any flashes you have as supplementary light (we’ll have all the studio stuff out  to play with too).

On an end note,  there is a Canon EOS 450D for sale with its kit lens (18-55) for 300 quid ono.  (Apparently, it does do video)
This is a sale not related to PhotoSoc, but anyone should email back to the PhotoSoc address and I’ll get you in touch.

PhotoSoc love,
Co-president. (+ the fantastic new committee)

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  1. Ian Boyles says:

    Hi Hannah
    I am the manager of Revolution vodka bar in sheffield.
    we currently use iamVIP photographers for the photos in the bar, this is a nightly job taking photos of the customers and posting on our facebook group and website.
    I was woundering if any of the students of sheffield would like to get involved with this.
    it’s not paid very well only £20 per 100 photos on a night but it could be great experience for the students
    let me know your thoughts
    Ian Boyles

  2. hannah.lillis says:

    Hi Ian,

    Sorry for the delay in replying to you, as I hadn’t seen your comment until now.
    This does sound like something that the Society and its members would be interested in, so if you could email us at to discuss this further, that would be fantastic.

    Kind regards,

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