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Darkroom training sessions now available on request

If you want a darkroom training session but there are none scheduled, please email Rob on

Sessions available by request on weekdays after 5pm or on weekends.  It is useful if you have a film to develop (or negatives to print from) – currently black and white only.  Please allow at least 48 hours notice for a training session request, and indicate:

-what darkroom experience you have (if any)

-whether you want to learn film developing, printing, or both.

If printing, please indicate whether this is from 35mm or medium format.

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  1. Kat Chadwick says:

    Hi Rob
    I’d like to book a darkroom session (developing and printing 35mm film if possible), I have no real prior experience of using a darkroom, and have just bought a b&w film to use in an early 80s style Practika.
    I’m available on the following dates at 5pm:
    Monday & Tues next week, Weds 30 Nov, Thurs 1 Dec, Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th Dec.
    Many thanks

  2. robgunby says:

    Hi Kat

    I’m trying to track down an email address for you to get in touch. I am running a session on Monday 21st at 5pm, can you make it? Please email me rather than posting replies here as I won’t see it.


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