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Hello PhotoSoc,

A couple more jobs for your perusal: firstly a BIG event at the Ski Village next weekend, and secondly a fashion shoot in Firth Hall the week after…

1. SheffSki, SUSC and ShuSnow are organising a big, all day ski and snowboard event up at Sheffield Ski Village on Saturday 20th November. They’re running lessons, jams, competitions and then an after party put on by Tuesday Club. They’re expecting around 350 people so I don’t think you’d be bored!

They’d really like some photographers there all day to take photos of the spectators and after party, but also to take some action shots of the skiing and snowboarding. Anyone that offered could get free entry to the after party (there are lockers to store valuables)… If you fancy boosting your portfolio get in touch with

2. Forge Media have also emailed us looking for a fashion photographer and a behind the scenes photographer for a 4 page fashion spread they’re planning to shoot in Firth Hall on the morning of Tuesday 23rd November. They want it to look like we’ve broken in and had a wild, secret (but glamorous) party. So if you want to join in, email before midday on Sunday with any relevant experience/examples of your work.

Merci for reading this hefty amount of info!

And now for something completely different:

Photographic love,

Your PhotoSoc x

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  1. Sophia says:

    MORE BUTTON WIN! I’m a genius.

  2. Beckie says:

    WOO! I’m loving that dog as well!

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