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Anti Spam Measures: Two Events In One Email!

The first needs a reply ideally today (sorry!):

Hi everyone,
I’m part of the ISC (International Students’ Committee) social, and we are organising some events.
We are looking for someone who could take pictures during one of our parties, it will be in december.
If you are interested in doing it, or if you just want more informations, you can send an email to Hussein (president of our committee) or to Milla
Thank you,
The second is part of Open Space, the open mic night at the Union:
I’m David, and I work with Open Space, the open mic group here.
On Thursday, October 28th, we’re going to have a visual arts night.  That means people will bring in any artwork they have (painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, comics, photos, whatever) and will put them on display.  Open Space is known for performance art, like poetry, music, or comedy, but we want to be an all-inclusive arts group to, and get as many people involved as possible.  (There’s no money involved in performing or joining so don’t think I’m looking for memberships for funding or anything.)
Anyways, that night we would love to have artists bring in work, put it up, talk about it to interested audience members during the intermission (about 20min).  This is also an opportunity to give their work some public eye, and if anyone was interested, they could price their work for potential buyers.
We want to make this into a constant thing, but October 28th will be or first night giving it a shot.
We would love you or any of the other members of Life Drawing to be involved, if you’d like!
If you have any questions or anything, let me know.
Thanks for reading,
PhotoSoc love x

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