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Hey all,

1. PRINTS. All the prints that haven’t so far been collected will be avaliable to be picked up from the Source between 10:00 Wednesday 19th , and 15:00 Friday 21st so you have 3 days to do so.

Just ask nicely at the source for the photosoc exhibition prints. Make sure you check that you have collected all your prints!  After that, they will be held indefinetly by photosoc and neither of us want that… The left over prints from Varsity will also be there.

2. HOODIES. Some of you have already ordered hoodies, but I am sure there are more of you who want one too! See the relevant post on our website for details.

3. Misc: If any of you have photos of the launch night of 5walls, they’d be greatly appreciated by us for publicity and maybe in forge too. Also, find time to submit some photos to the INCAMERA exhibition at Bank Streets Arts.

That’s all for now!


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  1. SimonOttersbach says:

    When will those who have ordered already get their hoody?

  2. Ridvan says:

    do some timelapse macro lense work where a floewr starts as a bud, opens, and life falls from its grasp project it on glass as a video for an exhibition . sell the time lapse sequences to oxford scientific .. or get it in film and tv commercials or spiders spinning a web set the camera up on a tripod taking pictures as a sequence as the spider spins is web . maybe it rains in the footage maybe its always sunny . maybe the sun sets to be replaced by the moon, the spiders work continues at night till the break of the new day and the rising of a new sun new life .. time detail growth .

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