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Hey all,

1. Exhibition
2. Walk
3. Kit return/receive
1. The exhibition was superb success, so a big thanks to everyone who was involved. We learnt a lot about how to set them up and I think you guys got the opportunity to display some fine work.

You’ll get your prints back either this Wednesday 2nd or next Thursday 10th. We’ll be sending another email about those two meets later today.
2. Just a quick reminder that I’m going on a very casual walk around town to take a few snaps, please do join if you want some people to go around with, or if you want some basic hands-on type tutorial session, myself or others will be more than happy to help you to learn.

I’ll be just inside Coffee Rev’s at the union at about 14:00.

3. To those it concerns, I’ll be in the Gallery at 18:15 to get back or give out the kit.

That’s all for now folks,


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