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Thursday’s meeting and some other things…

Hello all!

A few things before Thursday…

1. Please can everybody who went on the trip to the Peaks upload 3 of your best photos from the trip onto the main Photosoc flickr group so that everybody can see what we got up to out there! We’ll show them on Thursday during the meeting.

2. Don’t forget to upload your photos for this fortnight’s theme competition “Traffic” by midnight on WEDNESDAY (tomorrow). We’ll vote on Thursday during the meeting and the winner will again get a large print of their entry.

3. Also during the meeting on Thursday, we’d like to have a look at a few professional photographers’ work, just to see what we like/dislike/want to try ourselves about their photos. We think this’ll be a great way to inspire people to go out and try something new with their photography. If anybody knows of any photographers who they really like, please send us your suggestions, and we’ll have a good old natter about them!

4. The meeting will be at 7pm on Thursday in Lecture Theatre 9 in the Arts Tower, and we’ll go for our regular drinks afterwards in Interval or Bar One, depending on which is less busy. We look forward to seeing you there!

We’ve got lots more news to tell you but we’ll tell you all about that at the meeting!

See you on Thursday!

Love Photosoc

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