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First update of the new semester

Hello all!

Hopefully you’ve all had a good summer and are looking forward to getting back to studying… well, maybe not, but at least you can look forward to the first PhotoSoc meeting!

We need to get as many photos from you guys as we can to show off at the Activities Fair so everyone can see how talented we are a society! Just email (or even better, upload to the Members’ Photos album in the gallery) your photos with titles (if you leave them as IMG_2044, Jack will end up naming them again…) and your name. We might end up using some for prints too, in which case we’ll give you the prints after the Activities Fair, probably at the first meeting. Sorry for the late notice, that’s my fault for not sending this out sooner, but please try!!

It should be on the 1st October at 7pm… location will be decided when one of us is able to book a room!

We’re tentatively slated to have an exhibition at a bar in Sheffield later in the year. Details will follow closer to the time, but we should be able to have an evening (or two, we’ll see) to show off the finest you guys have to offer and maybe even sell a print or two.

Propaganda ( are coming to Sheffield’s O2 Academy and they’re looking for 2 paid photographers to do photos for their opening night on Friday 25th September. They also said they’ll need one permanent photographer after they get settled.
You need to have “your own decent camera and a bit of experience or keen interest in photographing club nights” and we’ve attached form they provide their photographers with (ask us for it, email hates us and I can’t attach things here). If you’re interested, contact Rachel Barker at (don’t email us).

Hope to see you all at the Activities Fair and the first meeting!


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