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Lens Acronyms

Each manufacturer has their own set of acronyms, which can make things rather difficult when you’re trying to compare lenses. This table will hopefully make that a bit easier.

Please note that this only includes the major features and intentionally excludes apochromatic (APO) and aspherical designations which tend to be relatively clear.

Canon Nikon Pentax Sony Sigma Tamron Tokina
Current lens mount EOS F K Minolta AF SA, various Various Various
Current lens designation AI-S FA, DA Sony
Crop sensor EF-S DX DA DT DC Di II DX
Full frame (35mm) EF FX FA DG Di
Image stablisation IS VR OS VC
Professional range L *, Limited G EX SP PRO
Internal focus IF IF IF IF
Ultrasonic motor USM AF-S SDM SSM HSM USD
No aperture ring G FAJ

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