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Reminder for Meeting Tonight – Light Painting Tutorial

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that there will be a talk on a photography technique called Light Painting tonight in Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 9 at 7.15. After the talk, we will be trying out the technique so bring your cameras, tripods if you have one and if any of you have a torch – bring it along!

It’s our last meeting before Christmas so hope to see a lot of you there!

Over and Out

Headshot Tutorial Review

Hi guys, thanks for everybody that came along yesterday for the introduction to headshot studio lighting. We powered through a huge amount of material so have been asked to post a few reminders as to what we did.

Equipment used: 1 Camera, Canon flashgun (aka a speedlight or strobe), Light stand, Radio triggers (attached to the flashguns and the camera to fire the flashes), Umbrella adapters (to connect the Flashgun with radio trigger to the light stand), 1 Umbrella.

Camera settings: 1/200th second shutter speed (normally the highest shutter speed we can use to cut down on ambient light)
ISO 100 (lowest possible, for the best quality)
Aperture f/8 (technically the ‘sharpest’, but dont be afraid of trying wider apertures if you really want shallow depth of field)
We used a ‘focal length‘ (zoom) of around 85mm. We saw that using wider focal lengths distorts the model’s face, whilst this can be ok sometimes, for this kind of shot, it’s pretty unflattering.
The flashguns were set to manual power, which we adjusted with trial and error.

What we did:

  • We took the flash away from the camera and off to the side to create more depth, reduce shiny reflections on the face and to get rid of the shadow which fell on the wall.
  • Because the light is so small in relation to our subject, the transition between light and shadow is very ‘hard’. To soften this transition, we used an umbrella, to diffuse the light, increasing the size of light in relation to the subject.
  • As the background was fairly bright, we moved the model away from the wall. As the lights were now further away from the wall, much less of the light was hitting the wall.
  • Although the transition between light and shadow was softened with the umbrella, the shadows still remained very dark so we used a reflector to bounce some of the back into the shadows.
  • To create more depth to the image, we added another flashgun behind the model on the lefthand side. This created a highlight on her hair.
  • To guide the viewers eye into the pictures, we added a third flash at the back. To control this light, we wrapped a piece of black foam around the flashgun, which created a beam of light.


The final image isn’t going to win any prizes any time soon but hopefully this will have given you a taste for what can be done.

If you are interested in learning more about off-camera lighting, the website has a number of articles to guide you through the basics. I’m also anticipating starting a ‘strobist group’ in Sheffield, where those interested can meet up every month or so to practice taking photographs with off-camera flash. If you are interested, leave a comment on this post on the photosoc website

On a final note, if you are taking pictures, make sure you get a Flickr account, upload your shots and add your photos to our Flickr group so we can all share what we’re doing!



This Week’s Thursday Meeting 7.04. @ 19-21pm

Hi everyone!


This week we have an exciting interactive meeting planned. In the first half we will be giving you an overview on how to give constructive criticism on photos through which you will eventually learn to see mistakes in your own photos.  In the second half we will gather into smaller groups and share our photos and put the learned constructive criticism into practice. (If you wish your photos can stay anonymous). Bring a few of your photos along either in print or in digital.

The meeting will take place 7.04. at 19-21pm. Lecture Theatre 9 in the Arts Tower.


PS: There is a re-opening for our committee’s secretary position! More information about the position can be found here


Your Photosoc



Committee meetings


As we have the Annual General Meeting coming up in March where we elect a new committee, we’d like to invite you to our committee meetings. If you check out our page on the website, we will write a few words about each of our roles so you have a better idea of what we do.

If you think you’d like to be on the committee next year, or you would just like to see how the society is run, then please come along!

We meet every Monday 7pm in the Gallery Eye (upstairs in the union). We tend to have ourselves a nice cup of tea as well so bring a mug along with you if you’d like some!

We hope to see some of you there tomorrow!

December things!

Bonjour everyone!

Although we are winding down for Christmas (unfortunately deadlines loom for many of us) we still have one more trip for this term, and some fun things to tell you about for after Christmas!

Trip to York Christmas Market

On Saturday 11th December, we are going to get all festive at York Christmas Market. Great for photos and merriment! We will be meeting at the train station at 10:30 and will get the 10:54 train to York so please make sure you arrive on time. You can get an open return ticket for £10.75 with a railcard so you’ll be able to come back to Sheffield with us or whenever you want throughout the day.
Make sure you bring your friends, your camera (if you have one), some warm clothes, and some money for trinkets and mulled wine!

Spring term exhibition

We are in the early stages of planning a PhotoSoc exhibition for the end of March 2010. Any of you can show your photos (if you’re a member) and they will be on a theme of your choice. We’ll give you more details after Christmas, but for now just keep snapping away to get those beautiful pictures that you might like to display! :)

Weekend trip to Edinburgh

Yet more exciting things!! We’re going to take a little trip to Edinburgh for the first weekend of the Easter holiday (8th-10th April). Again, we will tell you a bit more after Christmas, but make sure you put it in your diaries if you think you might be interested. We will have a limited number of places which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


We won’t be having any more Thursday meetings before Christmas so if you need to pay for a hoodie that you have ordered, please come and find us in the Gallery Eye (upstairs in the union) between 7 and 8pm on a Monday evening. The hoodies are £18 and it would be great if you could try and bring the correct change. Thanks!

Look out for more fun, useful and interesting things on the website over the holidays and, as always, please contact us if you have any questions.

Lots of love and merriment,

PhotoSoc xx

(See you next Saturday if you’re coming to York!)

Tea, tea, tea!


As usual, we shall be serving freshly brewed tea at our workshop this evening so make sure you bring a MUG!

The meeting will be in Arts Tower LT9 at 7pm. Come along and bring your camera, shiny things (actual shiny things) and friends!

See you all tonight!
Love and kisses,
Your PhotoSoc xx

Lots of news!

Hello everyone!

Big apologies in advance for this long email, but it is important that you read all of it because there is lots of useful information for the next couple of weeks. Plus I’m feeling nice so I might put something jolly at the end of it…

This Thursday meeting

Unfortunately we’re not going to be able to do the camera tutorial this week, so we have postponed it until Thursday 4th November and we will send you an email with details about where and when nearer the time. So this week, we’re going to do a light-painting session on Thursday (21st) evening. If you’d like to come along, please bring warm clothes, a camera (if you have one) and a torch/flashgun to “paint” with. We’ll be meeting at 7pm around the Gallery area upstairs in the Union.

Halloween/disposable camera social

Next Thursday evening (28th October) we’re going to have a fancy dress bar crawl with disposable cameras for capturing the frivolity! We’re starting in Interval at 7:30pm and will be making our way to Lava Lounge via The Common Room, Frog & Parrot and The Wick at Both Ends. We’re also working on getting some special Halloweeny PhotoSoc cocktails made up for us – woop!
The fancy dress theme is simply whatever you want it to be! So get your gladrags on and your cameras out, and come join us for some drinks and fun!

Halloween/Bonfire Night competition

To complement the time of year (and our little social) we’re having a competition on the theme of Halloween and Bonfire Night. The 2 week competition will open on Monday 25th October and the deadline for entries will be at 5pm on Monday 8th November, with entries being uploaded to our Flickr competition group. If you’re not on Flickr yet, do sign up and upload your photos so that you can take part in the competition.
**Remember to have a look at the competition rules at the bottom of the group page before you submit anything…


Due to a general delay in the building work inside the Union, our darkroom is not yet ready, but we’re keeping an eye on its progress and will let you know when it’s ready for use.
Unfortunately, we also no longer have access to the darkroom in the Mappin Building as it has been relocated. But as I said, keep an eye on your emails for news about our darkroom in the Union.

Mentor Scheme

Due to popular demand, we are in the process of setting up a mentor scheme to create some links and contacts between photographers who are more experienced and those who are just starting out in photography. The aim is to get people talking and taking pictures by gaining confidence and experience from each other. We have put up a discussion on the website forums, so please register on the website so that you can sign up to be a mentor/mentee. Any problems posting to the forums, please let us know.

GIAG Pinhole Photography

We still have a few places left on our Pinhole Photography Give It A Go session this Thursday evening (21st) at 7pm in the Gallery Eye. If you’d like to learn how to make your own pinhole camera that you can take away with you at the end, head to the Union Box Office and get yourself a ticket! But hurry because they’re running out fast!

Phew! Congratulations for getting to the bottom! If you have any questions, drop us an email or post it onto the forums. There will be more detailed emails coming out a few days before each event, so keep a look out for those! And now, as promised, something jolly and amusing…

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