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Welcome to the University of Sheffield’s Photographic society website.

This website is not kept particularly up to date, and therefore if you have and questions regarding photosoc, please email:


We have a very active facebook group, which can be found by searching “Sheffield Uni Photosoc” in Facebook and selecting the GROUP (not the page).

We also have a mailing list, which you can join by clicking the mailing list link in the post below this one.

If you would like to join the photography society, membership is £8 for the year, this involves access to all of our thursday meetings, socials, darkroom and equipment rentals. You can join either at a meeting/social or through this page (click for link). 

Meetings are at 7:15pm in the Diamond, LT6 (for the year 2016-17)

Hope to see you all soon,

xox Photocats

New mailing list!!!

We have a new email mailing list!

Subscribe here:

We´ll be sending an email out at the beginning of every week, containing info on our upcoming meetings, trips and socials.

So long and thanks for all the cats

Dearest Photokitties,

This is it, it is time for me to say goodbye in my last ever email to you kitties.
I have had the best year, I hope you have too. Thank you for being such a wonderful society and please carry on being cat-tastic next year!

I am so proud to have been President. With the help of my brilliant committee Photosoc achieved some amazing things. We introduced the keyring membership system, had personalised hoodies made, arranged discount at Harrison Cameras, helped put together the RAG calendar, we had really successful day trips to Ladybower, York and 5 weirs walk, cat themed Halloween social, a great turn out at the Christmas meal, bought new equipment for you to borrow, took part in platform performance and of course, the biggest events of the year, our outstanding exhibition and residential trip to Chester. Not to mention all our weekly meetings!
I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. *cry*
Here are some of my highlights: *cue emotional music*



Best of luck to everyone during exams, have a great life if you are graduating this year and if you are sticking around, see you at Photosoc meetings later this year!
I now handover to Manali Naik, the new President! Any queries, she will be happy to help. Best of luck to her!
Goodbyyyyyyeeeeeeee! meow.

Our last meeting!

Dear Photocats,

This week, will be our last meeting! We thought we’d finish with a meeting that involved being outside, so we could enjoy the spring weather and most of all, flowers! We will be practicing some Macro photography again, but this time with flowers and water droplets. The meeting will be on Thursday the 7th of May in The Botanical Gardens at 6:15pm (meet by the greenhouse). (Meetings will be free for members (remember to bring your membership keyring along!) and non-members will have to pay £2. You will NOT be able to buy membership at this meeting). If the weather seems bad on Thursday and it looks like it won’t be dry, watch out for an email from me, in case we reschedule the meeting to The Arts Tower and decide to play with shop bought flowers instead. We are not having a tutorial beforehand, like we usually do, because we did a meeting on Macro last semester. So below are some tutorial pages and examples in case you want a reminder or some ideas of what to do in the meeting:
Also try a Google Image search for Macro flower water droplet photography (or words to that effect) for inspiration.

You need to bring a camera, a flash (if you have one, but it isn’t essential), a macro lens (again, not essential), a tripod (once again, not essential) and a syringe/pipette/spray or squirty bottle full of sugar water (the sugar helps the water adhere to the flowers).

Next week we won’t be having a meeting on Thursday because The end of year meal/Handover social is on the Saturday! We will be having a meal at Efe’s on West street at 7pm then having a few drinks and heading to pop tarts. Here is the event page, we are limited on numbers so please click attending and post your meal choice asap to secure your place at the meal. If you would rather not come to the meal but meet us later that is fine, or alternatively if you would just come to the meal that’s fine.


Portraits and End of year meal/Handover

Dear Photocats,

This week our meeting will be on how to take Portraits. The meeting will be on Thursday the 30th of April in The Arts Tower LT6 at 7:15pm. (Meetings will be free for members (remember to bring your membership keyring along!) and non-members will have to pay £2 on the door. However you can buy membership at the meeting (or on the door) so don’t worry.). You need to bring a camera and if you have one, a flash, but this isn’t essential. Here are 101 tips on Portrait photography if you fancy a look beforehand. Don’t worry though, we won’t be going through all 101!!
Remember, to all those of you who have yet to pick up your exhibition prints, this meeting is the place to do it :)

Secondly The end of year meal/Handover social is coming up! We will be having a meal at Efe’s on West street at 7pm then having a few drinks and heading to pop tarts. Here is the event page, we are limited on numbers so please click attending and post your meal choice asap to secure your place at the meal. If you would rather not come to the meal but meet us later that is fine, or alternatively if you would just come to the meal that’s fine.

Looking forward to seeing you kitties,

New Committee 2015 – 2016

Dear Photocats,

Thank you to those of you who turned up to the AGM yesterday!
Here are your committee members for the next academic year:

President: Manali Naik
Secretary: Miguel Hernandez Littlewood
Tea, cake and Inclusions:Lucy McLean
Treasurer: Felix Gardner
Publicity officer: Katherine Hodgson
Social Secretary: Henry McBrien
Jobs officer: Dan West
Equipment officer:…. We don’t have one yet. We will arrange an EGM next semester where candidates can run for it.
Darkroom officer: Frankie H Morshead
Webmaster: Duncan Karas

The handover will take place on the 16th of May. There will be a social consisting of a meal and then poptarts! More details to come in Mondays email.


This week is the AGM!

Dear Photocats,

Firstly, just to let you know that Sheffield Photographic Society (not us) is having its Annual Exhibition next week in Sheffield Cathedral, Monday 20th to Sunday 26th April. It’s free and everyone is welcome to go and have a look.

Secondly, the AGM is finally upon us (no more reallllly long boring emails about it!)!
It will be this Thursday, 23rd of April, at 6.45pm in Arts Tower LT6. It will be free entry and open to non-members (but you can still buy membership there if you want).
Please come even if you don’t intend to run for a position, as you can vote, and who you vote for determines the direction the society takes next year.
Event page:

What is the AGM?
AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. In the case of student societies it’s when the general membership (i.e. everyone) gets to decide who to elect onto the committee for the next year. It is also where we can make changes to our constitution, which dictates the role of our society and how we do certain things. The current constitution can be found on the website.

How will it work?
We will start with the President’s Report – this is a brief (and I promise to make it brief!) talk about what we have done over the last year, and why Photosoc is the best society ever.

There will then be the Treasurer’s Report – here Manali will talk a bit about where our money has come from and what we have spent it on.

After these will come the democracy bits – we will go through each committee position in turn and people will volunteer to run. In each case, each candidate will have two minutes to make a brief speech about why they are the best for the role. The running order will be as the order listed below.

After each candidate has done their speech, a Q&A of around five minutes will occur, with questions from anyone in the society. Each candidate will be given the chance to respond to each question. After all this has happened, each person will be given a ballot paper. You will then write the name of your preferred candidate on the slip, fold it so we can’t see what is written when we collect it, then they will all be collected and counted by the President. The winner will be announced, then we will move onto the next role until all have been voted on.

We will then move on to any changes to the constitution. Again, these do not have to be given to us in advance, however as we won’t have copies of it with us changes must be thought of in advance. Similar to the positions, there will be a 2 minute speech for (and against if anyone chooses to oppose it), followed by questions and a vote.


Q) Do I need to inform the committee beforehand if I am running for something?
A) No, turning up on the day and expressing interest is fine.

Q) Do I need to have been on a committee beforehand or be a master photographer to be on Photosoc committee?
A) No and no. The only real exception for this is Darkroom officer – the committee reserves the right to not allow someone to be darkroom officer if they are not at the required skill level of darkroom-ness to do it.

Q) Is there a way to find out even more information about the roles?
A) Yes, of course – you can message or talk to any committee member about their role, and we will also be holding a few more open committee meetings so people can come along and see how we organise things.

Q) What if I don’t like any of the candidates?
A) We will be allowing RON (ReOpen Nominations) to be used in any of the committee positions. It will also be an option in the case of uncontested positions (i.e. there will still be a vote, with only one person standing) in case you really don’t think they are suitable.

Q) What if I can’t be there?
A) Putting something else ahead of Photosoc? Disappointed. But in all seriousness, it is fine – if you want to run for a position while away you can message me to work out how (either a pre-prepared speech, video or skyping on the day would be best). If you want to vote, again message me and we will sort out something similar.

Q)Who will chair the meeting and count the votes?
A) Me. Me being Joss, president 2014/15, we won’t swap chairs halfway through the meeting. I will also be the one counting votes, however if there is a dispute then someone can be an independent adjudicator. No votes will have voters names on but will have the position and the candidate chosen, so can also be checked by anyone you are really doubting anything. If I am running for a position then I nominate the Secretary (Hannah) to count, or alternatively the Publicity Officer (Dan).

Committee Roles
For all those thinking of standing, the committee have written a description of exactly what their role entails below. Although Photo Soc already has a standalone Inclusions Officer, all committee members should be inclusive towards members. They should always be prepared to pick up any odd jobs which aren’t directly related to their responsibilities :-)


The President is the boss of the society. Kind of. They are responsible for:

Calling and chairing committee meetings, which means to say following the agenda, inciting discussion between committee, and reaching a conclusion based on the views.
Following up decisions made to ensure they are being achieved, and helping out committee members if this is not happening.
Resolving issues as they arise, considering points of view and making a decision ( E.g following up cases of broken or misused equipment).
If needed, write emails calling meetings or advertising events. (eg. my role in this is to explain the meeting, where it is etc)
Opening meetings, giving a speech at the exhibition, be prepared to use your presentation skills!
Sometimes the University or University members will ring you about various things (such as Give It A Go sessions or what camera to buy) Answer these as well as you can.

The Secretary has to take minutes at every committee meeting so that there is an account of generally what has been discussed including what committee members need to do. They should also regularly check the email account and respond to anything that isn’t for a specific committee member. There may be general admin jobs to do or enquiries to be made. Be organised and be willing to turn up to every committee meeting!

The secretary is responsible for

taking the minutes at committee meetings.
checking and replying to emails.
booking the Lecture Theatre for Photo Soc meetings.
dealing with any other correspondence Photo Soc receives and doing odd jobs.

The Treasurer is the person who keeps track of Photosoc’s two bank accounts and ensures that there is enough funding for activities, events and equipment. In addition, other tasks involve taking money for trips and membership fees and signing off any invoices on which the rest of the committee may need to claim money back. Obviously, a trustworthy person is needed for this role and you need to be able to organise the comings and goings of Photosoc’s money to ensure that it doesn’t get mixed up with your own!
Treasurer is in charge of the money. This means:

Review the weekly society bank statement emailed by the University
Facilitate payments (to committee who buy things, members for jobs if needed, to outside companies for hoodies etc)
With inclusions, organise membership and take money for it, then put it in our account
Liaise with the Darkroom officer for film sales and buying chemicals
Maintain a cash box, to be kept in the equipment cupboard in the Darkroom and keep track of its contents.
Finalising sponsorship deals, and getting the money to the society
Have a sort of plan for what to spend the money on
Social Secretary

As a social secretary, you are responsible for organising social events, society trips and socials! You’ll promote the events via social media etc with the Publicity Officer. If you’re the kind that likes to explore what Sheffield has to offer in terms of food, drinks, clubbing etc and see yourself arranging PhotoSoc socials in those places, this role is for you!
You must:

Be creative with socials to appeal to as many members as possible.
Engage with members, encourage socialising and incite fun.
Contact and broker deals with pubs, bars and clubs.
Be the first one out and the last one in.
Plan the annual Expedition.
Tea, Cake and Inclusions officer

The Inclusions Officer makes sure that all the members of the society feel involved and that there are events that cater for everyone. For example, there are a lot of international students who are members and who may not feel involved on socials with alcohol.

Another part of the role as Inclusions Officer is regularly checking the society email account and responding to emails from new members and answering their queries about joining, therefore, making them feel welcome. If anyone has a problem or doesn’t feel included then make sure you are approachable and listen to their concerns.

As this role is relatively small compared to other roles on the committee it has been combined with the role of Tea and Cake Officer which involves providing tea, cake or biscuits to the Thursday meetings. Although this doesn’t mean you have to bake something every week, shop bought biscuits and cake is fine. Make sure there is a plentiful supply of tea and cake at meetings (things are kept in a cupboard in the darkroom that you need to go pick up). Yes, there is a Sainsbury’s by the Arts Tower but we all know home baked stuff is the best!

Publicity Officer

As Publicity Officer you are responsible for advertising the society, events and meetings via social networking sites, posters, flyers or any other way you like! This also involves being at the activity fairs to encourage new members and aiding the organisation of events.

Publicity Officer is in charge of all things encouraging and this person should:

Be in charge of promoting the society through twitter, FB and generally around Uni (this can include emailing/tweeting the University/Student’s Union to share things)
Ensure that the events and any other news which Photo Soc runs are well publicised
Create and organise printing of posters and advertisement for the exhibition as well as any other posters or fliers for the Activities Fair.
Generally push Photo Soc out there as much as possible, including taking a large part in the Activities and Re-Fresher’s Fairs
Darkroom Officer

The Darkroom Officer is in charge of providing darkroom tutorials, ordering darkroom chemicals and kit, sorting out bookings and generally keeping the darkroom orderly. They’re generally the go-to person about any questions film photography related and is basically a know-it-all about analogue photography. The role requires a good understanding of darkroom processing and familiarity with the darkroom, as well as the time and ability to teach others how to use our darkroom.

Maintain the darkroom and darkroom equipment to ensure everything is serviceable.
Daily check the darkroom bookings and approve / deny bookings as appropriate.
Liaise with Welcome Desk and SU staff regarding the use of the darkroom.
Monitor and maintain stock levels of black and white chemicals
Provide to all users, as a minimum, basic training in black and white film developing and silver gelatine printing
Form and liaise with a “darkroom team” of experienced users who can assist with training, and approving bookings when you are away.
Ensure all darkroom users are competently trained before allowing them to use the darkroom alone
Maintain a list of authorised darkroom users.
Ensure any broken equipment is reported and replaced / repaired.
Run a film sale service at meetings, and periodically offer a shared postage cost order to Firstcall Photographic, our suppliers.
Equipment Officer

The Equipment Officer looks after Photosoc’s fairly extensive range of equipment. They are responsible for loaning it out to members, maintaining and buying new equipment when necessary, and providing advice on how to use it.
The Equipment Officer is (oddly enough) the boss of equipment in the society. This means they:

Keep an inventory of what equipment we have, and ensure these are on the Union Insurance
Organise with people who want to borrow equipment, for pickup and drop off.
Ensure all Equipment loans are properly recorded
Propose new bits of equipment to buy (Although everyone does this, EO should have the best idea of what we already have, and what would be most suitable)
Web Master

The Webmaster looks after our website (it’s WordPress, so pretty easy to use!) and makes sure the content is up-to-date and updates are getting done.

Checking it’s working properly
Fixing bugs in the various booking systems
Update the various information content
A knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript is handy
Jobs Officer

The Jobs Officer is responsible for promoting and allocating jobs opportunities to the members of PhotoSoc. The person has to read emails and the Facebook page inbox frequently, in order to keep a record of jobs offers and reply to any relevant enquiries. The role as Jobs Officer also includes jobs matching and facilitating communications between the clients and applicants. Moreover, the person should also spread words about Photosoc’s service of providing photographers.The Jobs Officer should:

Regularly check the emails for new jobs offers, both paid and voluntary
Liaise with people who want a photographer, to get information like pay time etc.
Post job offers on Facebook group and collect the portfolios of the applicants, after which send the portfolios to the organizer of the event requiring photographers and let him/her decide which one most satisfies their needs
Forward the contact information of the photographer to the organizer for them to discuss further details

I really hope to see you there!

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