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Hello, website visitor.

Welcome to the University of Sheffield’s Photographic society website.

This website is not kept particularly up to date, and therefore if you have and questions regarding photosoc, please email:


We have a very active facebook group, which can be found by searching “Sheffield Uni Photosoc” in Facebook and selecting the GROUP (not the page).

We also have a mailing list, which you can join by clicking the mailing list link in the post below this one.

If you would like to join the photography society, membership is £8 for the year, this involves access to all of our thursday meetings, socials, darkroom and equipment rentals. You can join either at a meeting/social or through this page (click for link). 

Meetings are at 7:15pm in the Diamond, LT6 (for the year 2016-17)

Hope to see you all soon,

xox Photocats

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