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Keyring Competition

Hey Photocats!

This is just a quick reminder that you have until the end of this Sunday to enter your photos into our keyring competition! We’re looking for your photos of Sheffield and the university to display for a whole year on our 2015/16 membership keyrings! If you don’t have any photos of Sheffield or the university, please send in your favourite photos from our meetings, too.

Please send your entries to with the subject ‘Keyring Competition’.

• You can submit up to 4 photos
• The deadline is Sunday 30th of August

Also, don’t forget about our noticeboard competition! We’re looking to get your awesome photos on display on our notice board so if you want to submit images for this as well, email them to with the subject ‘Noticeboard Competition’. The deadline for this will be 1st October.

We’re looking forward to receiving your entries!

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  1. Andreea says:

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