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So long and thanks for all the cats

Dearest Photokitties,

This is it, it is time for me to say goodbye in my last ever email to you kitties.
I have had the best year, I hope you have too. Thank you for being such a wonderful society and please carry on being cat-tastic next year!

I am so proud to have been President. With the help of my brilliant committee Photosoc achieved some amazing things. We introduced the keyring membership system, had personalised hoodies made, arranged discount at Harrison Cameras, helped put together the RAG calendar, we had really successful day trips to Ladybower, York and 5 weirs walk, cat themed Halloween social, a great turn out at the Christmas meal, bought new equipment for you to borrow, took part in platform performance and of course, the biggest events of the year, our outstanding exhibition and residential trip to Chester. Not to mention all our weekly meetings!
I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. *cry*
Here are some of my highlights: *cue emotional music*



Best of luck to everyone during exams, have a great life if you are graduating this year and if you are sticking around, see you at Photosoc meetings later this year!
I now handover to Manali Naik, the new President! Any queries, she will be happy to help. Best of luck to her!
Goodbyyyyyyeeeeeeee! meow.

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