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New Committee 2015 – 2016

Dear Photocats,

Thank you to those of you who turned up to the AGM yesterday!
Here are your committee members for the next academic year:

President: Manali Naik
Secretary: Miguel Hernandez Littlewood
Tea, cake and Inclusions:Lucy McLean
Treasurer: Felix Gardner
Publicity officer: Katherine Hodgson
Social Secretary: Henry McBrien
Jobs officer: Dan West
Equipment officer:…. We don’t have one yet. We will arrange an EGM next semester where candidates can run for it.
Darkroom officer: Frankie H Morshead
Webmaster: Duncan Karas

The handover will take place on the 16th of May. There will be a social consisting of a meal and then poptarts! More details to come in Mondays email.


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  1. Alam says:

    Hi Alan, great post I have some family in Melbourne so I will be sure to pass on that you are now local. I was wodrnnieg your thoughts on image posting on FB, with all their exclusive rights terms and conditions, how do you feel about that? I am a bit wary as I am licensing some images through Getty and don’t want to get caught out. Reminds me of the time way back when you suggested I read the terms of some of the photo comps out there and I thought I didn’t mind entering the pics, but now years later I do mind, and wish I hadn’t entered them!

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