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Meeting and Chester!

Dear Photocats,

Firstly, MASSIVE thank you to all who were involved in the exhibition! We had over 100 photos submitted! If you didn’t get the chance to see these wonderful pieces there will be a selection of them on show in the Students Union this weekend as part of the Platform performance event. So don’t miss out, make sure you take a look!

This weeks meeting will be on High Speed Photography. The meeting will be on Thursday the 5th of March in The Arts Tower LT6 at 7:15pm. (Meetings will be free for members (remember to bring your membership keyring along!) and non-members will have to pay £2 on the door. However you can buy membership at the meeting (or on the door) so don’t worry.)
You will need to bring: A glass (pint glass/vase)/mugs/washing up bowl, objects – coins are good or rubber ducks/lego.., a camera, a flash gun (although you can share a camera/flash gun with someone), a tea towel/kitchen roll (to mop up the splashes off the floor and your camera!), you can also bring food colouring/squash if you want coloured water.
High speed photography is what it says in the name really, you take a photo of a really fast moving object like a coin falling into a glass of water, a sugar cube dropping into a teacup or rain falling in a puddle. HERE, HERE and HERE (because cats are too elegant to shake like this, I have to use dog examples…) are some lovely examples. If you Google image search High speed photography, there are quite a few examples of fruit getting shot and bullets flying through them… we won’t be doing anything quite as dramatic as this unfortunately.

Next week we won’t be having a meeting on Thursday (12th), but we will be going on the five weirs walk of Sheffield on Sunday the 15th of March. There will be more details to come, but the idea is, go on an interesting 5 mile walk of a part of Sheffield many of you may not have seen, end up in Meadowhall – probably have some lunch and then get the train/tram back. THIS is info about the walk. HERE are some photos taken along the walk.

Finally, many of you may know that this year we will be gracing the lovely city of Chester with our presence for 5 days!
This is a city steeped in history and presents a wide array of photography opportunities. I can almost guarantee we will be taking a trip to Conway Castle, a beautiful 13th Century castle, as well as a trip to Chester zoo, one of the largest in the UK, and of course we will be taking in the many sites Chester has to offer from its traditional architecture to its Roman sites and Cathedral. We will also look to take in the stunning countryside of North Wales. As you can see there is something for everyone with animals, landscapes and cityscapes just a few of the things you will be able to photograph.
As with last year we ask you to make your own way to and from Chester as we find that this generally works out cheaper for individuals as people will not all be coming from and going to Sheffield.
Arriving at around 1:30 on the 6th and departing around 4 on the 10th; I (Joss) will be catching the 10:40 am train from Sheffield arriving at 12:45 and leaving on the 15:59 on the 10th, if anyone wants to join me.

We will be staying for five days and four nights from the 6th to the 10th of April at the Chester Backpackers hostel in a private mixed dorm, as such we are limited to the number of members we can take so please click attending on the EVENT and pay the full amount £85 (or £70 if you have already paid your deposit) by the 5th March. THAT IS THIS WEEK’S MEETING!
For this price you will receive 4 nights accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch and evening meals eaten within the hostel.


If you want to go to Chester but haven’t given a deposit yet or have missed out on the event, contact Luke Rostron ASAP before the 5th. Your place will not be secured until you have let him know you want to attend and then paid.

Photo Love,

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