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First meeting and Exhibition!

Dear Photocats,
We hope you had a successful exam season! Now is the time to resume your social life and pick up your camera once again because, we are back! This weeks meeting will be to prepare for the upcoming exhibition! We will be teaching you how to mount your photos ready to be displayed. The meeting will be on Thursday the 12th of February in The Arts Tower LT6 at 7:15pm (any changes in time or location will be emailed out).

(Meetings will be free for members (remember to bring your membership keyring along!) and non-members will have to pay £2 on the door. However you can buy membership at the meeting (or on the door) so don’t worry.) You will need to bring your 4 photos that you want to submit and the materials you need for mounting. We will be providing some spray glue and foam board but it might not be enough for everyone so it would be advisable to bring your own. All details on submissions and mounting are at the end end of this email. The deadline for submissions is the 19th of Feb. You don’t have to come to this weeks meeting in order to mount your work if you feel you don’t need to. There will also be time in the meeting on the 19th for last minute mounting and questions before submission.

The exhibition is in Bank Street Arts, from the 25th until the 28th of February 2015.
Everyone is welcome to come and view it so make sure you tell all your friends that your work is being displayed!
There will also be an Exhibition night held at Bank Street Arts itself on the evening of Friday 27th of February to celebrate the exhibition. This is your exhibition made of your work, so again, invite your friends to come along! Here is the Facebook event.

Also, this year we will be gracing the lovely city of Chester with our presence for 5 days! This is a city steeped in history and presents a wide array of photography opportunities. Details of what exactly we shall be doing will follow but I can almost guarantee we will be taking a trip to Conway Castle, a beautiful 13th Century castle, as well as a trip to Chester zoo, one of the largest in the UK, and of course we will be taking in the many sites Chester has to offer from its traditional architecture to its Roman sites and Cathedral. We will also look to take in the stunning countryside of North Wales. As you can see there is something for everyone with animals, landscapes and cityscapes just a few of the things you will be able to photograph.
As with last year we ask you to make your own way to and from Chester as we find that this generally works out cheaper for individuals as people will not all be coming from and going to Sheffield, suggested arrival and departure times will follow.
We will be staying for five days and four nights from the 6th to the 10th of April at the Chester Backpackers hostel in a private mixed dorm, as such we are limited to the number of members we can take so please click attending on the EVENT and pay the non refundable £15 deposit by the end of the meeting on February 19th. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THIS AS YOUR PLACE WILL NOT BE SECURED UNTIL YOUR DEPOSIT IS PAID. You will then have to pay the rest of the £85 (so £70) by the 5th March (DEADLINE CHANGED). For this price you will receive 4 nights accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch and evening meals eaten within the hostel.


Don’t miss out on what is one of the best social event of the Photosoc Calendar.

There are a few more things I would like to mention. Firstly, we have noticed that the darkroom has been left unlocked after use. We ask users to remember to turn the light off and lock the door when leaving the darkroom for security reasons please. Thank you.
Secondly, our Jobs Officer, Dia, is requesting a list of volunteer photographers. Who are willing to help out on unpaid jobs. There is no commitment, it is just so Dia knows who to contact if there is a voluntary job offer she thinks you would enjoy. Please reply to this email with the subject title: VOLUNTEER LIST.

We will be at the Ultimate Fair on the 11th of Feb and the Societies Festival on the 18th so come along and say hi and if you have any questions we will be happy to help.

Happy Snapping,

Poster v3

P.s The guidelines for submitting your photos to the exhibition:
Firstly all printing, mounting and framing must be submitted by Thursday February 19th.
There is no minimum or maximum size for your submission. – In regards to sizing of prints, we have printed a few at 12 x 8 and others at 9 x 6. This is down to personal taste, as 12 x 8 won’t mount on an A4 piece of card, but I think a good size to look at.
Each paid member may submit up to 4 pieces
You do not have to frame your submission(s), but they must be mounted. Foam board and card are both allowed.
Clip frames are not allowed as these are awkward and look messy (example of what a clip frame is)
When submitting, please supply us with your name, the title of the piece, and the date. This is so we can make some labels up and credit your work.
We strongly recommend Peak Imaging ( to print your shot. It’s an online service, it’s based in Sheffield, and it’s one of the best for quality printing. Don’t get it done from Boots just because they’re average, Harrison’s are fine but Peak Imaging have got a reputation for being better. Good printing is a lot to do with making sure the colours are the same as the colours as they appear, Boots are average because they don’t pay the attention to this process that Peak Imaging do.
These are some good online mount and frame sellers:

For mounting, there will be a demonstration in this weeks meeting 12th of Feb

In short, mounting is gluing a photograph to a piece of card or foamboard with a bit of card left around the outside. There is a wealth of youtube videos on this, but basically,
Print photo at Peak Imaging
Buy some black or white card (ivory shade of white is my personal preference, but consider black for effect too)
Get some spray glue (you can buy both card and glue from Staples). You can also get glue from WHSmith in the town centre, but not from Wilkinsons as they don’t stock it.
Use a ruler to cut your card with a scalpel/other cutting device it to leave an inch or so around the outside of your photo (that’s about 2.5 to 3cm if you’re metric, but use what you think looks best).
Consider using pencil guidelines to help you stick the print straight.
Cover surfaces, maybe open a window to ventilate
Spray glue all over the back of the print. Wait about 10-15 seconds until the glue becomes tacky.
Stick carefully.
If you mess it up, act quickly, peel it off and stick it down again. (If it’s seriously bad, cut round the print so no mount is showing and stick it on another bit of card, no one will know)
You may supply a price for your submission if you want viewers to be able to buy your piece. However, keep in mind that in the event of a sale Bank Street Arts will take a commission from this (more info to come soon on % of commission).
Upon submission, write a title for your piece and your name on the back (and price if you want)
I think that just about covers it. If you have any questions email the Photosoc account at or post on the group..

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