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Christmas photo Cards, meal and Exhibition!

Dear photo-soccers,

This weeks meeting will be a creative one! As mentioned in last weeks email, we are making Christmas cards with your photos! The meeting will be on Thursday the 4th in The Arts Tower LT6 at 7:15pm. (Meetings will be free for members (remember to bring your membership keyring along!) and non-members will have to pay £2 on the door. However you can buy membership at the meeting (or on the door) so don’t worry.)
You need to bring: Scissors, any arty bits and pieces you want to use and most importantly, a photo!! The photo will be stuck on the front of the card and you can post it or take it home and give it to someone you love, or if you’re not happy with the end result, someone you don’t love…
We will be providing the cards and envelopes, glitter, coloured paper, stickers, glue and xmassy stuff – but bring what you want. To print the photo, you can print instant photos off memory sticks/cards/phones in most Boots stores and there is a photo shop next to HMV and McDonalds on the High Street.

Photosoc’s Christmas meal is on the 11th of December. This will be the last meeting of the semester!! We will be going to the Beehive and having a starter, main and pud all for the great price of £10.45!
There is not much else to say other than we have limited space so it will be a first come first serve situation. Please click attending on the EVENT and post on it your menu choice and any dietary requirements before this THURSDAY at 9pm

Exciting news!! Photosoc is having an Exhibition! In Bank Street Arts, from the 23rd until the 28th of February 2015. More details to follow shortly regarding deadlines and mounting etc… All you need to know at the moment is that there is an exhibition and your photos can be in it, so keep an eye on this space and start deciding which photos would like to enter!

Finally, BIG thank you to everyone who came on the York trip! We hope you enjoyed yourself and look forward to seeing your photos on our Facebook group.


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