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Bokeh and Christmas meal!

Dear photo-soccers,

This weeks meeting will be on Bokeh! The meeting will be on Thursday the 27th in The Arts Tower LT6 at 7:15pm. (Meetings will be free for members (remember to bring your membership keyring along!) and non-members will have to pay £2 on the door. However you can buy membership at the meeting (or on the door) so don’t worry.) Bokeh is a cool technique to use over Christmas, especially at the York xmas market this Sunday! HERE are a few examples of what you can do. Click HERE for some awesome Christmas Bokeh! It would be great if you could  bring some fairy lights (or something like that), scissors, sellotape, a pencil/pen and black card (if you have any – a limited amount will be supplied)

ANOTHER reminder that the York Christmas market trip is this Sunday –  30th of November and the Facebook event is HERE. Remember to buy your tickets :) The places for the meal are now taken but you can still come along on the day (and practice your bokeh!)

Photosoc’s Christmas meal is on the 11th of December. This will be the last meeting of the semester!! We will be going to the Beehive and having a starter, main and pud all for the great price of £10.45!
There is not much else to say other than we have limited space so it will be a first come first serve situation. Please click attending on the EVENT and post on it your options and any dietary requirements, for the menu follow the link (

Finally, a bit out of the ordinary… I am telling you about next weeks meeting too. This is a meeting I am particularly excited about :D We are having a Christmas card making session. We will supply the cards, envelopes, GLITTER, and crafty stuff so all you need to bring is a photo of  yours that would like to stick on the front. Telling you this now, gives you a week and a bit to take a photo (at York xmas market, perhaps?) / find one and print it off (you can print instant photos off memory sticks/cards/phones in most Boots stores and there is a photo shop next to HMV and McDonalds on the High Street). We thought it would be a lovely idea to send a card to your relatives/friends with your own photo on the front. So get snapping Photocats!


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  1. Kyle says:

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  2. Steven says:

    there were 28 brushes. so far i’ve only seen two and eyetvrime i switch brushes and return to choose the bokeh brush it isn’t there :(i use a mac and photoshop elements 8. do you have any idea what’s going on? and also, is there a specific category that i should find these brushes in? the two bokeh brushes i see can only be found in the assorted brushes category.

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  22. http://www./ says:

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