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Macro meeting and more!

Hey photokitties,

In this weeks meeting we will practicing Macro photography! The meeting will be on Thursday the 13th in The Arts Tower LT6 at 7:15pm. (Meetings will be free for members (remember to bring your membership keyring along!) and non-members will have to pay £2 on the door. However you can buy membership at the meeting (or on the door) so don’t worry.) Macro photography is basically taking photos of things really closely or really small things. If you came to our first meeting with the photoduelling, many of you may have noticed that you couldn’t get very close to the object you were taking a photo of without the camera freaking out that it was too close and you’d end up with an out of focus photo. well, with macro you should hopefully be able to overcome this. HERE are some awesome macro shots. This session will also come in useful in future meetings planned in the spring semester. So come along!! All you need to bring are some small objects; rings, necklaces, money, lego, cats, ornaments, preferably not spiders though…

Another reminder that the York Christmas market trip is on the 30th of November and the Facebook event is HERE. Remember to buy your tickets :)

There is also a NUPS (National University Photographic Society) organised Photo Hunt in London on the 22nd of November.HERE is a link to their web page about previous Hunts and the general information. and HERE are a few slides with information about this years event. Tom Williamson from our society will be going, so if you would like to attend, ONCE YOU HAVE BOUGHT YOUR TRAIN TICKETS, either contact him or email us with your details as NUPS have to receive a registration list prior to the event. There is a £5 per person fee (Student. £7 for alumni. or £10 on the day) for taking part in the event that NUPS use for the prizes etc.. I will email out more information about who and when to pay soon. We will hopefully be organising our own Photosoc trip to London later on in the academic year, so don’t worry if you cannot attend this photo hunt.

Two more quick things to mention: Firstly we have a Facebook page as well as group which can be found here We will normally post reminders and just random stuff on there. Secondly we have a Flickr group. Please join the group and it can be a dedicated place to share your photos, either from meetings, or from other photosoccy stuff. The Flickr group is here Please note that any photos that you put up from now on Flickr may be used for publicity purposes, but you will be credited!

And finally, Jobs are always posted on the group and occasionally emailed out if there are jobs left not taken. So keep an eye for them. A really interesting one is coming up though, that deserves a special mention. As you can see this is not until next semester but we thought we would give you a heads up as it does require more photographers! Photosoc are also getting some exhibition space in the Union during the festival, and who ever volunteers for the job will be guaranteed to get their work on display!

  • PLATFORM FESTIVAL – 6th – 8th March 
    – There will be performances throughout the Union for 3 days and we would need a number of photographers on each day. These photographers would have free entry for the weekend (normally £10) Plus free wristbands.


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