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This weeks meeting and lots of other important stuff…

Dear Photosoccers,

Hope you all had a good Easter Holiday! We’re back and have lots to tell you:

The residential Photosoc trip to Edinburgh was great fun and even though the pandas slept through our visit we all got loads of nice photos of non-panda related things… like castles, flowers, sunsets, otters and in my case, 200 of koala bears. If you have any ideas of where you think would make a good trip next year, it’s never too early to let us know.

This weeks meeting is on FASHION photography. Thursday 1st May in the Arts Tower, LT 5,  at 7:15pm. If you have the following equipment, it would be useful to bring it along, if not don’t worry we have some you can borrow. Flashes, remote triggers for flashes and if you have any friends who are willing to model in front of lots of cameras for a couple of hours bring them along too!

PhotoSoc is very proud to be nominated for a ‘Commitment to collaboration’ award at the Activities Awards 2014 (12th May). If you want the chance to dress up nice and come along and support us, tickets are available from the box office next week. All details of the event are here.

Next, the time of year has come again where PhotoSoc whips out the handcuffs and makes the committee members lives quite difficult. I am of course referring to the HANDOVER social.  This year we will be holding our FINAL PHOTOSOC MEAL at BB’s Italian restaurant (on Division St) at 7.30pm on Saturday the 17th of May. There will also be AWARDS… so come along, you could win something!
After the meal, those that want to will proceed to Pop Tarts… this is where the handcuffs come in. If you want to see (and take embarrassing photos of)  the current and new committee handcuffed together in traditional PhotoSoc fashion you will have to join us. EVENT PAGE HERE. Please click attend if you want to come so we get a rough idea of numbers to book tables, and invite your other PhotoSoc friends!

Finally, there are a few photography competitions going on at the moment: Natural History Soc are holding a wildlife competition (see event for details) where the winners will be exhibited at the Art of Wildlife photography event on the 13th of May. Natural history soc are also holding a photo walk in Moss valley woodland on the 5th of May, which is a perfect opportunity to take some wildlife photos for the competition. (see event here)
Spring into Nature is also holding a wildlife competition, the photos have to be taken in Sheffield and either emailed to or share them on Twitter or Instagram using #springintonature (for Instagram, your photos might also be appropriate for #instamapshef) or you can post them to the Facebook page (Like the Facebook page here – it’s a band new page so help it get going :) ). The competition deadline is the 18th May and will be judged by a panel of photosoc committee and Spring into Nature organisers.  The Natural History Photo walk is also a good chance to take some photos for this competition too.

Lots of Photolove if you’ve got this far!

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