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Last Meeting Before Easter

Hello All,


Thanks for those that came to the AGM – as a recap for those who weren’t there:

President is Joss

Secretary is Hannah

Treasurer is Manali

Inclusions, Tea and Cake Officer is Mohamed

Darkroom Officer is (still) Frankie

Equipment Officer is Jasper

Jobs Officer is Dia

Webmaster is Felix

Publicity Officer is Dan

And last but not least, Social Secretary is Luke

Congratulations to all of them! The formal handover social will be in the middle of May, so until then both committees will be working together on everything (There is now about 20 people you can ask about things!). Joss however will be taking over almost immediately as I am going on placement.

This weeks meeting will be on Thursday (3rd of April) at 715, in the Arts Tower lecture theatre 5. It will be a photo sharing and critiquing session, so make sure you either bring some prints along to show or have a way of getting to photos quickly on the computer (memory stick, flickr etc). You don’t have to ask for critiquing if you don’t want to. We are holding this now because we are planning on having an exhibition after the holidays – more information will be released when we have it, but get your thinking caps on for your 4 nicest photos!


This week is your LAST CHANCE to pay to come on the Edinburgh residential – 3 nights there (including food!) for £50, of which you will get £10 back as its a deposit for the hostel. Talk to any of the committee for more details, there is still space so get in while you still can (ie before Friday)!







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