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As mentioned last week, this week we are holding our AGM. This is where people run for committee roles and make changes to the constitution, al of which is voted on by people in the society. In other words, this Thursday is democracy day! We will be meeting a lot earlier than normal – 5:15 in Arts Tower LT5, to start properly at 530. There will be a couple of quick speeches about what we have done this year, followed by the voting bits. We aim to finish by about 7, and will then go over to the Dam House for dinner.

If you want to run for something you dont need to tell us, you can come along on Thursday and run for it (you will have to do a speech though so it pays to be prepared!). More information can be found in the document here , but please please please come even if you dont want to run for anything Рthis will directly influence what happens in photosoc next year, and there is a meal afterwards which is always nice!



Last but not least, the deadline for the Edinburgh trip is fast approaching! This is defiantly one of the best things to do in photosoc (just ask anyone who has been on a  previous residential) and the city we are visiting is wonderful. Talk to any of the committee members if you are thinking about going and we will be able to give you more information about the trip.





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