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Meeting, AGM and Varsity

Hello All,


First off the meeting – this weeks meeting will be on high speed photography, and will be in Thursday at 715 in Arts Tower lt5. You will need to bring:

-Camera, Tripod and Flash (if you have them, photosoc will be able to provide some bits for people who don’t have them)

-A glass or mug of some kind that holds liquid – mugs will allow you to enjoy a cup of tea while other people are taking photos….

-Something to drop into liquid. Grapes, small rubber ducks and erasers are all good things, anything that can fall into the mug without getting stuck really.

-Dinner trays if you have one, to avoid splashes going everywhere (a chopping board will also suffice i think).


Next, the Photosoc AGM will be held at 6, in the Dam house on March the 27th. There is a document in the Facebook group with the full information on it, but suffice to say the AGM is where democracy happens – committee for next year are elected, changes to the constitution are made and everyone has a good time. It is super important to still come even if you dont want to run for a position – you will still be deciding how the society is run next year, which will impact what you do!


Last but not least, The Tab Sheffield are looking for a  photographer for the Varsity football match this Saturday. if you are interested in this, reply to this email and I will put you in touch with them.




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