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Hello All,

Yes I get bored sometimes trying to think of titles for all these emails. But it is relevant to this email, as there are a few important events coming up that everyone needs to know about:

First off,this weeks meeting is in The Arts Tower LT5, at 7:15, on Thursday the 6th. We will be looking at event and club photography, as we are starting to get many requests for photographers for end of year balls and think everyone should know roughly what to do so anyone can volunteer to do them!

Next off – EDINBURGH TRIP from the 22nd to the 25th of April. The cost this year is £50, but that doesn’t include travel as people are coming from all over the country. Rough times to get into the city are on the linked event, and you will £10 of the £50 back as we need it for a security deposit. Places are limited to 20, so please come talk to us and pay ASAP!

Something that will be occurring before the Easter holidays is the AGM. I am in the process of creating an information sheet about it which i will send out soon, but the AGM is where democracy happens. There will be a brief talk from a few of the committee members about what we have done this year, and then anyone who wants to can run for a committee position. Its good fun, and even if you aren’t thinking about running for anything you should still come along – food is involved, and (same as in the real world) voting for who you want to get a position will effect how the society is run for the next year! More info about the roles etc will be out soon.




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  1. With a photo you can capture a moment, and have it forever. I think we take that idea for granted, with photography being so ubiquitous these days. But seriously just take a second to appreciate that. If you did that in Ancient Greece they’d call you a sorcerer. Or a god.

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