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Hi All,

Rather than meeting in the Arts Tower this week we will be having a relaxed meal, followed by drinks at the pub. The plan is to meet at the Dam House at 7, eat there then we can relax there for a bit followed by other pubs and bars if people so choose. This weeks trip will be to the Peak District – the bus will leave at 1210, so ideally meeting at 12 at the bus stop at Hunters Bar Roundabout to get the 272 bus to Fox House (80p, my favourite bus).

We will then walk around Higger Tor, before getting a bus back to Sheffield later in the afternoon (they go back at half past the hour every hour). Keep an eye on the weather forcast as per usual, I will email eveyone if we chose to cancel due to really awful weather.

An event is happening on Saturday that people might be interested in – Sheffield Uni Singing Society (SingSoc) are holding a flash mob (secret ish as they told us….) and are interested in gettting as many photos of it as possible. If you are interested in coming along I will be at Barkers Pool (outside John Lewis) at around 2:40, feel free to join me there! It’ll last about 20 minutes, and will stay around the city centre. If you have any photos that you want to send over to them afterwards then drop me an email and I will send them over as a group, you wil be fully credited of course if they choose to use your photos.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch!





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