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Happy 2014

Hi Photosoc,

Welcome to 2014! I hope everyone has been having a good holiday and that exams are going/ have gone well, not long left now hopefully till everyone is finished and the phototaking can continue.

We have had a few job emails over the last  couple of weeks, which have been summarised below:

1)      Sophie Ombergt would like a photographer for her birthday (to work there, not as a gift) which will be in a private room in crystal. It is on February 13th (a Thursday), from 10pm/11 till 2am at £10 an hour.

2)      A group of 5 students is setting up a financial company and would like some portraits and group shots for a professional website. This will be paid with negotiable  rates. This will need to be done by the 13th of February

3)      A sports coaching company is looking for some promotional shots (for marketing and their website) at an event they are running from the Feb 24th to the 26th, from 8am till 4pm. They would like someone to be there for half a day to a full day, and will pay £30 per half day. Transport to and from Ecclesfield Primary School will also be included, either via reimbursement or be giving a lift.

4)      A pair of Sheffield Uni graduates are getting married on the 26th of  July and are looking for a photographer form their wedding. They are willing to pay up to £750 depending on experience/what is offered. The wedding is in Hartington Hall, near Buxton.


To apply for any of these jobs, please fill out the following form – . I will aim to get in touch with people within the next week for the first couple of jobs, but will leave the wedding job a couple of weeks before forwarding on the details.

Last but not least, a company called Student Source are setting up a new website aimed at providing online city guides for students. They are looking for shots of Sheffield city landmarks, similar to the postcard competition we ran recently. This isn’t paid however full credit will be given on the pages any photos are used on. If you have any photos you would like to submit, please email or link us to them. I am going to forward on the best to the contact on the February the 14th, so that is the deadline for submissions for this.





P.S. I will send another email to you all within the next week about the first meeting of the next semester  :D

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