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Peopleless Portraits

Hello Everyone,

The holidays are almost upon us! This will be the last meeting we have in the Arts Tower this semester, and it will be looking at peopleless portaits (here is another, photography based example). You will need to bring your cameras, and then a bag full of stuff that you think describes you or someone you know – something like a handbag is good, or maybe just a rucksac of things you find on your desk. If you want you can bring camera things instead and emulate the link above! The meeting will be on Thursday, at 715, in arts tower lt 6.


Next thursday will be the CHRISTMAS MEAL :D :D :D you will be able to give deposits and meal choices at the meeting this week, and at various times until the deadline of sunday (all the information is on the event page). Space is limited, so make sure to ask soon.


This friday (2 DAYS TIME) is the deadline for our postcard competition. Not many people have entered so far, so have a look through your photos for some of Sheffield and the Peak district for your chance to get them sold in the Students union Shops!





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