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Hello Everyone,

A very different time and place for this weeks meeting – we will be meeting at 5 at the Students Union, before walking down to Harrisons Cameras (our lovely sponsor) for a lock in/talk from John Harrison and co! If you want to meet us at the shop itself that is fine, it is due to start at 5:30. It will go on till 7, and afterwards we will be going to Interval in the students union for food/drink.  There will be demostrations about the camera equipment, you can get things out to play with, and staff will be there to answer any questions you may have about anything photography based.
A bit more information about the London trip on the 23rd – we will be getting the 8:27 train to London St Pancras International (arriving at 10:34) then the 20:55 train home (arriving at 11:02). For travel on the day I recommend getting an Off Peak London Travel Card with your ticket – this will allow you to use the underground all day. Dinner will be at The Counting House, where we will all be gather back together post photohunt!

Please note that individuals are responsible for buying train tickets to and from london (and food/drinks on the day…), however the society will pay the indivdual fees for entry to the Photohunt :D If anyone has any problems booking tickets then please let me know – my number is 07814032538 or feel free to message me on facebook instead.
Please message/Text/Email me if you are coming by next Tuesday evening so I know who will be coming! I will get an information sheet printed up for the day as well, with times and contact details.



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