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[PhotoSoc] A job and some information for fellow photographers

[Job] The University of Sheffield Freshers’ Fair

Dear Fellow PhotoSoc Members,

1. First of all, Ruth Kirkman from the Faculty of Engineering is currently working on a project to improve their Aerospace and Bioengineering webpages.  They would like to improve the photography aspects and therefore require photographers to work with them.

If you’d like to shoot this event please email us directly at or comment on this post, with a link to your previous work and portfolio.


2. Below you can find some information about Gap Creative and related activities:

“Hi, we are after talented and enthusiastic photographers  for Gap Creative, a volunteering and travel organisation in Kenya, East Africa –

Gap Creative  grew organically from drama workshops in to the creative organisation that has developed. We would be there to support, initiate and guide you through initial workshops.

We would aim for you to run a workshop for one hour a day for three or  four days of the week (this may vary). You will  help run these workshops with a very small group of 6 to 8 young people. We feel that for the photography project smaller groups are necessary in order for them to really absorb the necessary skills and ideas with the limited equipment we currently have. The workshops you lead will be based in on digital and be in a classroom in a school or in an orphanage and around their grounds. You may have the opportunity to take classes on excursions.You may be working with a group of young people that have already had introductory workshops in photography so it may be a chance for you to initiate projects that they can carry out on their own with your guidance. We also exhibit some projects as well.
The other three or four days are spent exploring (and photographing) kenya’s landscapes, wildlife and culture.
You can also take part in other workshops such as music, or art and use the opportunity to absorb as much as you can from professionals volunteering and local artists. We run the programme in two month cycles 5 times a year. Students can come out for 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks during their holidays. It also worth mentioning that only students are entitled to a 20% discount on costs and can also make further savings through group bookings.


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