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Meeting, Meeting and Fright Night

Hello Everyone,

This weeks meeting will start in Lecture theatre 6 in the Arts Tower at 7:15pm this thursday (this is currently where we will be having all of our meetings). This weeks meeting has a few very important announcements at the start for everyone – one about the next competition and AWESOME prize (yes i did mention it previously but i have had things confirmed now), and another announcing the winners of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park competitions (And if it is anyone from photosoc they can have the cuddly lemur there and then!).

The rest of the meeting willl be outside in Weston Park, where we will be doing more light painting, this time with sparklers and wire wool instead of torches! Cameras, torches, tripods and warm clothes will be nessecary, and if people want to bring there own sparklers that is fine with us (although we are providing enough hopefully).

There will be a trip this weekend to Fright Night in the city centre. This is a massive halloween event that runs every year, with all sorts of costumes and events throughout the centre. People will be meeting at 3:30 outside the students union, then walking around till about 6ish. Sean and Joss will be the people leading the trip.

A quick word on next weeks meeting as well – we will get the exact location to you early next week, but it will be a portrait session but in fancy dress! Please don’t bring cameras if you are planning on going to the social afterwards, as cameras and late nights don’t mix very well. Photosoc will be able to provide some cameras for the session instead. I will email out more details about this early next week, but till then have a look at the facebook event here.





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