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Hello all,

First off a big thank you to Joss who organised the Yorkshire Wildlife Park trip and to everyone who came out in the rain to go – it was a lot of fun and definately worth the rain when the sun finally came out!

This weeks meeting will be in the Arts Tower Lecture theatre 6 at 7:15 (to begin with at least). We will quickly go through an introduction to light painting, then there will be a quick talk about the darkroom for those that will be wanting training. While this is going on everyone else will be splitting up and going places to do light painting, with the darkroom group to follow after the talk.Don’t worry – the talk will be quick so that everyone gets to do light painting!

You will need to bring cameras, and remote releases/shutter cprds if you have them, tripods (again if you have one) and a coat – this will involve a fair amount of standing around outside, so dressing warm is a must!

Last but definately not least, the raising and giving society (RaG) are holding a firewalk this thursday and would like a volunteer photographer to take photos there then to add the RaG logo to it and potentially get them printed from Harrisons (people would be paying you for the final bit). The event is at 8pm on the union concourse, if you are interested then please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can (most likely wednesday evening).






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