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Hello everyone,


Sorry for the slightly delayed email but I wnated to find out if I could get the cameras from last week developed – and I have!

As mentioned this weeks meeting (Thurs 10th Oct, Arts Tower Lt 6, 7:15) will be a beginners SLR tutorial. We will be talking about the basics of a camera, what different settings mean and do and generally looking at how to use a camera well before our trip the the Yorkshire Wildlife park this sunday. We will also be showing the winning entries from the disposable cameras last week – there are some very… interesting…. photos among the ones developed! While the talk is aimed at beginners feel free to come along if you do have more experience – you will be able to help other people, and generally chatting is quite nice as well.You can also buy membership at the meeting, and get our lovely new discount cards for Harrisons!

Don’t forget to vote on the Facebook group about what kind of cakes you would like to start appearing at meetings….




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