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Walk on Sunday

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to those who signed up at the Activities Festival, this is the Photosoc mailing list! We will use this to send you information about when our meetings and trips are, and also if there any jobs that people can apply for. If you haven’t already joined our Facebook group it is here, it’s a place for people to chat, show photos and share interesting things in between meetings.

The first official meeting will be next thursday at 7:15, in one of the Arts tower lecture theatres. I will send out another email on monday with exactly which one, we need to make sure we will have enough space for a lot of people first!

If you would like to meet some of the committee a bit early, or just want a relaxing sunday walk taking photos then come with us on our walk on sunday! We will be meeting outside the union at 1030, then in endcliffe outside the front of the edge at 11, then walking down to Endcliffe Park. The plan from there is to follow Porter brook to The Norfolk Arms pub for lunch and a break (you dont have to eat there – feel free to bring a packed lunch), and then to carry on to Redmires Resevoir. To get home, we will get the 51 back to Broomhill. Its a 6 or so mile walk in total,  so wear sensible shoes and make sure to bring a bottle of water and some money for the bus back at least!


I look forward to seeing people there, and if anyone has any questions feel free to contact me on Facebook or email the society.


Tom Williamson

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