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Freshers Week Postcards

Hello all,

Almost the end of the holidays – I hope everyone has had a good one and I look forward to seeing plenty of photos about them!

2 Quick things about freshers week :

  1. Normally at freshers fair we hand out flyers, but this year we have decided to change this and do postcards instead and what better way of finding nice photos of Sheffield and the Peaks than by emailing you guys! If you would like to (potentially) get yours printed, then you will need to email us a full resolution copy of your images, with a title and brief description about where it was taken/ what it is of, and you name so we can properly give you credit on the postcard.
    The images will need to be 152 mm by 109 mm in size, of which 148 mm by 109 mm will be visible (the remaining bits are cut off in the guillotining process). The color printing uses a CMYK process, so if that could be the colourspace used that would be grand but otherwise don’t worry we will get it sorted. The Deadline for this will be Wednesday the 11th, at 9pm. The committee and I will then judge the entries, and pick the 6 that we feel are best.
    To summarize – 152 by 109 mm in size to be cropped slightly smaller, as many images as you want, 6 winning entries in total, by Wednesday 11th at 9pmfor the committee to judge.

  2. There is a job going for taking some photos a The Edge Bar.  The dates and times are as follows:

    Sunday 22.9.13 – 10pm – 1am
    Tuesday 24.9.13 – 10pm – 1am
    Thursday 26.9.13 – 9pm – 11pm
    Saturday 28.9.13 10pm – 12pm
    at £10 an hour. If anyone is interested, then please contact Oliver Barnett at .
    I look forward to seeing you all again this semester (and meeting all the lovely new people), its defiantly going to be be a good!

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