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Camping This Weekend

Hi Everyone,

Some of you will have already seen on facebook, but we are holding a small camping trip this weekend from friday afternoon till sunday morning (ie 2 nights) at the Greenfields Campsite, near Bakewell.

Please please message me if you would like to come, and what time you would be heading over – The easiest way for people to get there is a bus to Bakewell, then the Darkroom Officer is happy to ferry us from there to the site itself. As for tents you will need to bring your own, once we have a better idea about who is coming we can sort out who will be sharing/not sharing :)
We will also be doing our own food, over a camping stove which people may have to pay a contribtion towards depending on how much gasis already there (again, we will find out for sure later in the week, but it won’t be much money if so :D)
Any questions about things that i have missed (As i am sure there are a lot of things) then feel free to message me!



Tom Williamson


PS here is the link to the FB event :

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