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Contours festival photography opportunity

Hi there photosoccers!

Do I have an opportunity for you!

If anyone is interested in getting involved in doing some gig photography, the union is running a festival of local music called contours ( on 06/06/2012 and we are looking for one or two photographers to cover each of the venues and take photo’s of all of the acts playing. The event will run from:

  • The Raynor lounge hosting indie acts
  • Uni arms hosting two stages (in the beer garden including a barbecue, and then later the upstairs room)
  • The Harley playing rock.
  • The whole event will run from 2pm til 4am, though the venues will not all be playing acts for the duration

So if you are interested, reply to this email! we’re looking for anyone looking for an opportunity to do some gig photography as it is unlikely we will be able to pay due to the charity nature of this event. However, we will ensure your contribution is acknowledged with a mention on the page.

We are also looking for video footage of the headline acts to create a promotional video to gain interest for next years event, so if anyone could help out with that, It would be really appreciated

Anyway, please let me know if you are interested to any degree, even if payment is an issue; the more I can communicate, the better a deal I can strike for both those that are interested in shooting the event and the festival organisers.

Thanks for reading this and any questions, just ask!


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  1. Christopher Gaunt says:

    Hi Sean! I’m well up for this as I was hoping to get some photography work in during the summer. I’d obviously prefer it if I were payed but I was going to go to the festival anyway so it’s really not essential, maybe just free drinks or something? I’d be grateful just for having more gig experience.


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